Character migration is live

You can now submit applications to migrate a character from another server. Characters who are accepted will be given their gear, level and 20,000 Gold. The form can be filled out on the website, it is still in progress so item levels of items will not match up to what will be given in game. I am also aware the menu can take a few seconds to load up due to the amount of items avaliable in game. Any issues contact us in the Discord chat or use the submit bug box on the site.

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Donation rewards are now active!

We have done a lot of work on the donation system, now you are able to redeem rewards based upon the total donation amount. These rewards start from as little as £2.50! You should be able to redeem rewards straight after donating, if you have any issues contact me on discord :)

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Adjustable XP rates are back!!

You can now adjust your XP rates again, this can be done from your character management screen. You will have to re-login your account for this the changes to be made. Currently the maximum you can modify your rates is x30!

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